Electrical safety

This section showcases brochures and other information materials prepared by the Forum of Electrical Safety Inspection Associations (FESIA). FESIA develops and issues various information materials to disseminate information about activities of Electrical Safety Inspection Associations in Japan conducted to maintain, promote and improve electrical safety.
※ The PDF files are available for download.

Large-Scale Disasters and Actions Taken by Electrical Safety Inspection Associations

Not only in normal times but also in post-disaster situations, we at Electrical Safety Inspection Associations conduct activities to ensure electrical safety by exercising our technical and organizational capabilities.
Issued on October 2018 (6 pages)

Best Practices of Prevention of Electrical Accidents – Detectable Only by Licensed Chief Electrical Engineers

A collection of success cases achieved by licensed chief electrical engineers in preventing electrical accidents by exercising their expertise and experience as part of Safety Management Service for electric facilities.
Issued on November 28, 2013 (106 pages)

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