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Electric Facilities for General Use, which means electric facilities (installations) used at general households, retail shops and small factories to receive electricity at a Low Voltage (100-200V) from electric power companies, are required by law to undergo certain inspection from time to time by the relevant Power Transmission and Distribution Company or a Registered Investigation Body authorized by the national government to undertake the inspection service on behalf of the Power Transmission and Distribution Company.
We at Electrical Safety Inspection Associations, Electrical Safety Services Foundations and Denki Hoan Kyoukai in Japan (collectively referred to as "Electrical Safety Inspection Associations" on this Website) provide such inspection service as Registered Investigation Bodies by making door-to-door visits to electricity users and inspect their electric facilities in order to protect the electrical safety at users' sites and deliver reassurance to users.

Safety Management Service

For Electric Facilities for Private Use installed at factories, office buildings and other business sites, we provide Safety Management Service by performing periodic inspection and measurement on behalf of the operator of the facilities, which includes 24-hour Emergency Response Service to take emergency action promptly in the event of an electrical accident. In addition, we also provide Testing & Technical Service including inspection of Extra-High-Voltage electric facilities; and General Consulting Service about electricity, including energy-saving advice.

Public Relations Service

Electrical Safety Inspection Associations have been conducting community-based educational and communications activities in their respective regions, including PR through brochures, TV, radio and other media, with the aim to disseminate safety knowledge associated with the use of electricity and to raise public awareness about prevention of electrical accidents.

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