Public Relations Service

PR magazines

Electrical Safety Inspection Associations publish official PR magazines respectively to enable and encourage as many electricity users as possible to utilize electricity safely and efficiently.

Electrical Safety Training Sessions

(Chubu Electrical Safety Services Foundation)

Electrical Safety Inspection Associations hold Electrical Safety Training Sessions and Lecture Meetings for operators of Electric Facilities for Private Use as well as general electricity users widely in order to disseminate safety knowledge about electricity to prevent electrical accidents and promote efficient use of electricity.

PR campaign on the street

For the purpose of promoting better knowledge and understanding about safe use of electricity, Electrical Safety Inspection Associations have been conducting "Street Campaigns" in each region on various occasions including every August designated as the "Electrical Safety Month".

  • (Shikoku Electrical Safety Inspection Association)
  • (Chugoku Electrical Safety Inspection Association)

Social contribution activities

(Kansai Electrical Safety Inspection Association)

Recognizing that our mission is to contribute to local communities through electrical safety, Electrical Safety Inspection Associations conduct various social contribution activities, including participation in disaster drills planned by local municipalities, signing disaster assistance agreements with local municipalities, conducting special inspection of cultural properties and public facilities, and more.

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